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Account Suspensions & Restrictions

🙏 Please do write back to us if you believe we have made a mistake - it happens. 🙏

Potential Account Restrictions

If you upload content or create products that breach our terms or Content Policy, you will receive emails from our moderation team.

If you do not contest our moderation, after 72 hours, we will refund all transactions that breach our terms.

Please note that when our team flags a product or content, they are no longer available on any of our sites. Minor infractions can be corrected, and the product re-published.  

Account Suspensions

If you breach our terms or our content policy, we reserve the right the suspend your account immediately, in which case : 

You will no longer be able to access your account
Your pages will no longer be visible on any of our sites

Please understand that when we suspend an account, we will refund all transactions that breach our terms.

However, if you have made sales that did not breach our terms, those will be paid out to you (after deducting potential refund fees from your earnings).

Updated on: 21/05/2023

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