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Active Payout Method

What is an Active Payout Method?

Your active payout method is the one at which we will send your earnings.

You can have multiple payout methods listed on your account for your convenience but only 1 active payout method at any given time. 

Can I change my Active Payout Method?

If you list a new payout method, you must first wait for us to approve it before setting it as your active one.

You can change your active payout method by going to the payout section of your FairPay account.

Changing Active Payout Method on Tuesdays

If you change your Active Payout method on a Tuesday, you may receive your payments there only from the next week onwards.

When you change your active payout method on a Tuesday, there's a slim chance that is when we process your payout. In this case, we may send your payout to your former active payout method.

It is always made clear on your payout slip which is the payout method where we sent your payout.

Updated on: 03/02/2023

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