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YourSafe (IBAN + card)

YourSafe is the cheapest option to receive your earnings from FairPay.

FairPay charges a Transfer Fee of 0.60€ per YourSafe payout.

What is YourSafe

YourSafe is a financial institution that provides you with an IBAN (equivalent to an EU bank account) and a card.

For more information, please check out their website:

Transfer Fee

YourSafe has the lowest Transfer Fee on FairPay.

We charge you a 0.60€ Transfer Fee per payout when using YourSafe.

Please note that we may also charge a Conversion Fee if we have to convert your earnings before paying you out.

Payouts in Euros

We only payout in Euros to YourSafe accounts.

You can see your money displayed in your local currency in your YourSafe You Account. However, your YourSafe account only holds Euros; the money will be converted (with a fee) when you withdraw it at the ATM or pay with your card.

👉 If you would like a wallet + card that defaults to US Dollars, we recommend CosmoPayment instead.

YourSafe Fees

YourSafe also charges you fees for using their services (FairPay has no control over those fees).

As of the 22nd of September 2023, their main fees are:

29.50€ yearly to get the card
2€ per ATM cash withdrawal (+ conversion fee in case of non-EUR withdrawal)

👉 See YourSafe pricing

Please note that currency conversions may be expensive with YourSafe as their rates depend on banks, and banks typically charge up to 3.5% for this service.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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