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FairPay is PRO ADULT ! 💏 🍑 🍆 👅 ❤️ !

At FairPay, we are more than adult-friendly: we are pro-adult!

We are building FairPay because it is so hard for adult content creators & web entrepreneurs to find a decent solution to sell to their customers.

Most financial institutions, banks, and payment service providers will flat-out refuse to work with us due to 'higher morals' or 'reputational risk' even though what we sell is perfectly legal.

As a result, we cannot enjoy the amazing modern products to build online businesses such as Stripe, Revolut, and many others. 

As a result, adult companies decided it would be a great idea to take a 20%+ cut from adult content creators when it is the creators bringing customers in the first place!

It is not a rate any mainstream web entrepreneur would accept! A 5% commission is the limit mainstream businesses would be willing to pay.

So why would adult companies get away with 4 times the price?  

At FairPay, we intend to tackle this problem. We come to compete and kick the hornets' nest. 

Updated on: 21/05/2023

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