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Privacy Protection 🥷

Customers never know your identity

We never share who you are or any personal information about you with customers.

We will never share your name, address, country of residence, actual age, or any other personal information with a customer, affiliate, or otherwise.

FairPay's staff only knows your identity if they need to

Our staff only gets to know your identity on a need-to-know basis.

Need-to-know reasons are the following :

Moderating and validating ID documents
Moderating and validating payout methods

The development, support & content moderation work is done without access to your personal information.

Your ID documents are stored in a vault

We store your ID documents in a separate vault solution to avoid potential security issues.

Data vaults are specific solutions designed to protect confidential data against unauthorized access. Because the vault is separate from FairPay's systems, even if someone would access FairPay in an unauthorized manner, they still could not see any ID documents.

Updated on: 21/05/2023

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