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Registering as a Seller

We try to get your account activated in less than 48 hours.

While you wait, you can set up your store & products (but nobody will see your pages).

Find below what you need to do to register as a Seller. 

Uploading ID Documents

We need high definition picture of your ID card or Passport. For sellers in the USA, we can also accept your driving license as an identification document.

Your document needs to be valid; of course, you must be above 18 years old. 

Please read our rejection reason(s) if we reject your document and submit new pictures.

Create your first performer

So that you can tag which performers appear in your content & products, you must first create your first performer profile.

If you are both the performer and owner of your FairPay account, tick the corresponding box.

Creating 2 Products

To activate your account, you must create at least 2 different products.

It is for us to look at what you intend to sell with us and make sure that everything is fine.

If any of your products infringe on our Content Policy, we will kindly let you know. You will still be able to work with us (after removing those products).

Verify your email

Your account must have a verified email at all times.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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