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Performer List & Tagging

Performer List

The Performer List lists all the performers who can appear (or be heard) in the content you sell (or use for promotional purposes) with FairPay. 

You must keep your Performer List up-to-date and verify each performer before you can sell content they appear in.

Performer Tagging

Tag all performers in your content and products.

When you create a product or upload content on FairPay, if it is a product or content featuring performers (for example, a live show or a video), we will ask you to tag every performer appearing in said product or content.

You must do this work precisely. If you cannot find a performer that appears in your product or content, you must first add him to your performer list to tag him.

Our moderation team will review your products and content and ensure you tagged all performers (we must make sure we have the proper documentation).

You cannot sell content & products featuring non-verified performers (and associated pages won't show online)

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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