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5 Reasons to use FairPay 🤩

FairPay Works with Amazing Models and Content Creators

On FairPay, we’re all about celebrating beauty, creativity, and individuality. You will find some of humanity's most entertaining, captivating personalities and free spirits.

Our creators are sparks of creativity, creating content that is as diverse and unique as they are. Every creator on FairPay has a unique story to tell, a unique personality to share. Their styles range from elegant to edgy, traditional to avant-garde, and everything in between.

FairPay is a vibrant community of incredible people.

FairPay is safe

We verify the age of all of our models to ensure they are all above 18 years of age. Furthermore, all content is reviewed to ensure it adheres to our community guidelines.

We do our best to foster a safe environment by working only with genuine creators and strive to eliminate any potential for scams. Should you have any issues, please contact support, and we will be there for you.

FairPay has a zero-tolerance policy toward any form of exploitation. We follow the best practices to prevent human trafficking.

Regarding payments, FairPay abides by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). These standards are globally recognized, ensuring that all payments made through our platform are secure.

FairPay protects your privacy

At FairPay, we believe that personal privacy is paramount. We never share any personal data allowing to identify you with our content creators.

Your money goes to the content creators

FairPay offers the lowest vendor cut in the adult industry: about 8% instead of 20 to 50% for the other sites.

This means that a lot more of your money goes to your favourite content creators instead of a middle man. Content creators often offer their content and services at a smaller price on FairPay while making more money.

With FairPay, everybody gets a better deal!

We are here for you

If you have any issue while using FairPay, be it a technical issue, a relational issue with a seller, or a product or service which quality is not satisfactorily... we are here for you.

We pride ourselves in delivering world class support. So if you have any issue, hit us up, and see for yourself! 😊

Updated on: 26/08/2023

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