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Forbidden Keywords

Do not bypass forbidden keywords

If you attempt to circumvent our list of forbidden keywords, this will considered a grave offense.

Any attempt to intentionally bypass our list of forbidden keywords by intentionally misspelling (for example, using numbers or special characters) is not allowed.

We consider bypassing our list of forbidden keywords as a breach of trust and a grave offense; your account will likely be terminated immediately.

Cautionary Keywords vs. Forbidden Keywords

Certain keywords during a product creation will trigger a warning to draw your attention to our content policy (Cautionary Keywords). However, you are still able to save & publish your product if you are confident that you are not breaching our terms.

Using Forbidden Keywords will trigger a more pressing warning and make it impossible to create the product until you correct it.

For example, if you were to use the keyword "Crushing", you would get such a warning because we do not allow the crushing of any live animal or insect. However, we allow the crushing of inanimate objects and cooked food. Therefore you may proceed with product creation.

Please note that Cautionary Keywords are not accepted as categories or tags on our platform. They can only be used in titles and descriptions (if their usage respects our terms and content policy).

**You cannot use Forbidden Keywords anywhere on our platform. It includes categories, tags, titles, descriptions, and any text or image.**

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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