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Recordkeeping for Adult Content Producers

This article tries to help you understand recordkeeping requirements for adult content producers and is not legally binding. It is understood that we are not law professionals nor your counsel. If you are producing adult content featuring performers who are not you, you should seek professional help.

You must collect photo IDs and Release Agreements / Consent Forms for all performers who appear in your content.

You must collect a new Release Agreement / Consent Form for every day where you shoot adult content.

The release agreement and consent form may be the same document, so long as the document:
Obtains the performer's informed agreement to participate in the creation of the content
Grants you permission to use the performer's image

If you license your content, you must additionally have a Licensing Agreement from the legal Copyright Owner (collecting photo IDs and Release Agreements / Consent Forms remains an obligation).

Release Agreements / Consent Forms are legal documents and must have the performer's legal name to be considered valid (matching the name shown on their photo ID).

If you have collected Release Agreements and/or Consent Forms in another language than English, you must be able to provide a certified translation upon request.

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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