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Chargeback Protection

3D Secure & Chargeback protection

Your earnings are chargeback protected for 3D Secure transactions.

If your customer was a fraudster and contacted his bank to reverse the charge or used a stolen credit card, you still get your sales earnings if the transaction was 3D Secured.

No chargeback protection for non-3D Secure transactions

We are unable to provide chargeback protection if your customer did not use 3D Secure. Please note that FairPay requests 3D Secure whenever possible (over 99% of transactions on FairPay are 3D Secured).

No chargeback protection if you fail to deliver the good or service

Suppose a chargeback happens because you do not deliver a good or service that you sold. In that case, your earnings are not chargeback protected.

Please note that if your customer is defrauding you, claiming that you failed to deliver a good or service, and he manages to charge back, you should reach out to support.

Our support team will escalate this type of case so we can contest the chargeback and claim back your payment. 

We can waive Chargeback Protection

We reserve the right to waive chargeback protection for anyone at any point.

If a seller mismanages his sales, has an abnormal chargeback rate, or attempts to defraud us, we will waive the chargeback protection (and possibly take further action).

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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