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How to claim your earnings

What are Claimed Earnings?

FairPay can only payout sales once you deliver the good or service to the customer.

When a good or service you sell to a customer is delivered, the corresponding earnings are claimed and available for payout.

That is why, for certain sales, we need confirmation that you delivered the good or service before your earnings can be available for payout.

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How can I claim my earnings?

You only need to claim earnings manually when FairPay cannot automate delivery

When you log in and look at earnings not currently claimed, you will see a "Claim Earnings" button. Depending on what you sell, this button will trigger a little flow for you to complete (see below).

Selling Live Shows: Your earnings will be automatically claimed as soon as the show happens. FairPay can track when the show is created and occurs via your Stream Manager.

Custom Content Sales: When you sell custom content, e.g., custom videos or photosets, claim your earnings by uploading your creation to FairPay (we will deliver it to your customer automatically). 
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Donations: Earnings are claimed automatically & immediately for donations/tributes as there is no good or service to deliver. 

Content Sales: When you sell content, e.g., prerecorded videos or photosets, FairPay can deliver them automatically to your customers right after payment. Therefore, your earnings are automatically claimed.

How does this impact my balance?

Earnings must be claimed before they become available for payout.

Whenever you sell a custom video or a live show, your corresponding earnings will first show under 'To claim' in your balance.

Once you deliver the video or show, your corresponding earnings will be transferred in part to Rolling Reserve and in part to Available for payout in your balance.

If more than 16 days have elapsed since the sale, your earnings will be transferred to Available for payout now directly and be part of your next payout.

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Do not claim your earnings prematurely

☠️ Claiming earnings before you delivered the service will negatively affect your customer's experience ☠️

Please do not claim your earnings prematurely; this would negatively impact your customer's experience. When you claim your earnings, FairPay knows that the transaction is completed and uses this event as a trigger for certain notifications (e.g., requesting a review, confirming the transaction, etc.).

While mistakes can happen, if you frequently claim your earnings prematurely and misrepresent services as delivered when they are not, we will consider this a breach of trust and act accordingly (potentially leading to your account being suspended).

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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