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Overview of all fees

This article is there to centralize info on ALL the fees that exist on FairPay in complete transparency. No small sprint, no surprises ❤️

All fees always appear clearly in your transaction log and payout slips.

Seller Side Fees

Payment Processing Fee: When we process a 3D Secure payment for you, we charge you 5% of the price of the items you've sold.
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Streaming Fee: When you sell a live show, we charge you $0.03 (or 0.03€) per minute. This is to cover our infrastructure costs.
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Transfer Fee: When we pay you, a transfer fee may apply depending on your payout method. We keep it as small as possible.
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Conversion Fee: When we pay you, a conversion fee will apply if we convert currencies. We charge 1.5% but offer the best rate possible.
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Refund Fee: When we have to refund a transaction, a $3 (or 3€) fee is applied.
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Content Storage Fee: A $0.02 per GB per month is applied when we store your files. The first 10GB are free.
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Customer Side Fees

Service Fee: Customers pay a service fee for the items they buy. The service fee is $0.70 + 2.5% of the shopping cart amount.
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Rolling Reserve

FairPay has a 5% Rolling Reserve, meaning 5% of your sales are paid out 180 days later.

Please note that the Rolling Reserve is not technically a fee: it does not cost you any money; it only delays the payment of a small part of your earnings.

Updated on: 18/04/2024

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