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Payment Processing Fee

Whenever possible, FairPay processes 3D Secure Card Payments and the fee is 5%

Payment Processing Fee

Whenever you sell goods or services with FairPay, we charge you a Payment Processing Fee depending on the payment method used by your customer.

The Payment Processing Fee is a percentage charged on the amount of each item you have sold.

You are not charged a Payment Processing Fee on the Service Fee paid by your customer.

3D Secure Card Payments

For 3D Secure Card Payments, our fee is 5%.

If a card is compatible with 3D Secure, FairPay will always request such a payment from customers to lower fraud and chargebacks.

Non-3D Secure Card payments

Some cards are not compatible with 3D Secure. FairPay will still process the payment when this happens, so you do not lose a sale.

However, for non-3D Secure Card Payments, our fee is 8%. Also, such transactions are not chargeback protected, and our antifraud system is more likely to refuse to process the payment.

If your customer owns multiple cards, one or more are likely compatible with 3D Secure.

Recurring Card payments

When your customer subscribes, our fee for recurring charges depends on his original transaction:
- If your customer subscribed via a 3D Secure transaction, then our fee will be 5% on each renewal charge as well
- If your customer subscribed via a non-3D Secure transaction, then our fee will be 8% on each renewal charge as well

Other Payment Methods

We plan to add other payment methods for customers in the future. Each payment method will come with its own Payment Processing Fee.

For example, crypto payments will probably result in a cheaper fee. Stay tuned!

VAT for EU Sellers

If you are in Europe, we must apply VAT to our fees based on your country of residence.

The rate depends on your country, and we pay the entirety of the VAT collected to the state (we make no profit on this and act out of legal obligation).

For example, if you are in France, which has a standard rate of VAT of 20%, and your payment processing fee should be 1 Euro, it will be 1.20 Euro once we apply the VAT.

-> Read more on VAT here

Updated on: 27/08/2023

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