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Form Access (e.g. Slave Application)

You can use FairPay to sell form accesses to your fans.

This product is most useful if you run a Slave Application Form, where your customer is supposed to pay before they can fill it out.

How It Works

With the Form Access product, you can create a page selling access to a form you created with a third party (like Google Forms).

After paying the amount you've set, your customers will receive access to your form on FairPay directly and by email.

Form Access Features

Third-party form support: You can use any third party to create your form (as long as you respect their terms), and enter the form sharing link in FairPay.

Sale notification: Whenever you sell a Form Access, we will email you immediately so you can follow the process personally.

Instructions for customers: You can leave a message to your customers; they will see it after their purchase.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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