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Recurring Payments

FairPay supports recurring payments

Recurring payments are available for each product where it makes sense.

For example, recurring payments are not available on the Video product page, as the video is delivered directly after purchase.

For some products, you can request recurring payments only.

For example, if you want to require recurring payments for donations, you can 👍

FairPay does not charge any extra fee for recurring payments. Read more.

Recurring payments for your customers

For monthly subscriptions, FairPay notifies your customers by email 3 days before their next payment is due.

Your customers can stop their subscriptions anytime by logging into their accounts.

Handling your subscribers

Coming soon! Sorry we intend for FairPay to have what is written below but it is still in development. Let us know if you need more things to help manage subscribers.

Keeping track of who is a subscriber can take time and effort. FairPay does a few things to help you out :

You have a section called 'My subscribers', where you can see all your customers that subscribed at any point
You can filter your subscribers for whom the next payment is due soon
We notify you when one of your subscribers cancels his subscription (you can deactivate it)

Updated on: 27/09/2023

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