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Live Shows

You can sell Live Shows with FairPay 👍

Live shows must be delivered via FairPay's chatroom. Our chatroom supports 1080p quality and < 100ms delay.

How It Works

To sell Live Shows, first go to Products and create a live show page

You will receive an email notification whenever you sell a live show

Schedule the time with your customer

When the time has come, click 'Stream Manager' in FairPay to generate the chatroom link.

Have a great show with your customer.

When the show ends, your earnings are claimed automatically.

We recommend creating 1 live show page per type of show you sell (e.g., fetish vs vanilla) so you can price accordingly.

Streaming Fee

High-quality live streaming requires a costly infrastructure. For this reason, we have a $0.03 per minute Streaming Fee.

For example, if you sell a 20-minute show with FairPay, we will charge you a $0.60 Streaming Fee in addition to our Payment Processing Fee.

👉 Learn more about the Streaming Fee.

Skype Shows are not Supported

Due to Visa/MasterCard regulations, shows sold with FairPay cannot be delivered on Skype.

We understand this can be annoying because Skype is a great and easy software. However, we are developing a fantastic chatroom for you so that running your business with it will be much easier and better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my customer need to create an account to join?

No. When you create the chatroom in your Stream Manager, we will provide you 2 links: one for you and one for your customer.

Your customer can join from any device without creating an account on FairPay. Your customers do not need to create an account to purchase shows, either.

Can customers activate their camera?

Yes. By default, when your customer joins, the camera is inactive. However, they can switch it on in one click if they desire.

Upcoming Features

We are improving FairPay's chatroom and the overall experience for you and your customers. If you have feedback, please share it with us via the live chat bubble.

Currently, we are working on the following improvements:

1) Allowing customers to add time and/or tip from the chatroom directly (in 1 click if they have an account)

2) Allowing customers to purchase a recording of the show at the end

3) Adding a scheduling interface so customers can book a time in your calendar directly

Updated on: 11/12/2023

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