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Store Page

Your customers can find all your links and everything you sell in your store.

Click on 'Edit store page' in your menu to set up your page.

How your store works

Your Store Page is made of sections. Each section has one product type (e.g., only videos or live shows).

You can order the sections as you see fit. You can have multiple sections featuring the same type of products (e.g., a Vanilla live show section and a Fetish live show section).

You can display a product in multiple sections 👍

Additionally, you can enter a short description for each section, as well as some bio info.

List all your links

You can link to competing websites from FairPay. In fact, we encourage you to do so - we believe your store is so much better when your customers can find everything you do in one place. 🙂

To update your links, go to your performer list and edit your performer profile.

Listing all your URLs will make it easier for you to share your store: you will be sure that your customers will not miss out on anything else you do.


You can link your customers to a filtered view of your store 👉 shows products with the 'Concert' tag.

By default, filters are enabled in your Store. They allow your customers to explore your content based on the tags you added to your Products.

Only 1 tag can be active at a time.

You can customize (or deactivate) filters by clicking on 'Edit store page'.

Public vs. Private products

Whenever you add one of your products to one or more store sections, the product is said to be 'Public' because every customer can find out about it and purchase it.

If you create a product and do not list it in your store, then the product is said to be 'Private': only customers with the link can purchase.

Share Private products to select customers to run special offers.

Where can my store be seen?

Customers can find your store on 2 URLs:

👉 Always share the version of your Store Page. Why?

Any feedback regarding the store? Any missing features? Please reach out to support and let us know what you would need! ❤️

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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