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You can use FairPay to sell prerecorded videos.

You can also use FairPay to sell custom videos!

Video Product Features

Video catalog: Upload all your videos in one place, tag them once, and easily sell them in as many products as you wish.

Sell bundles: Want to sell multiple videos at once? No problem: select them all and effortlessly create a bundle for your customers.

Sell videos up to 200GB: With FairPay, you can sell long videos of the highest quality - no problem!

Multiple formats: FairPay supports the main video formats (mp4, avi, mkv, mov, webm). If you need more formats to be supported, please let us know via the live chat bubble!

Customer video library: Your customers can easily access all the videos they bought from you at any point from their library.

Instructions for customers: You can leave a message to your customers; they will see it after their purchase.

Claiming Your Earnings

When you sell videos, customer delivery is automated, and your earnings are claimed directly.

Read more on how to claim your earnings.

Content Storage Fee

Uploading videos to FairPay may trigger a monthly content storage fee, depending on the size of your files.

Read more on content storage fee.

Features we do not have

If you are missing features, please reach out to support and help us make FairPay stronger 💪 ❤️

Recurring payments are not available for videos.

The maximum amount we can charge in 1 transaction is 245 USD or Euros. The system will not let you offer videos (or bundles) above this price.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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