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You can block visitors from certain countries to find and/or access your Store.

How Geo-Blocking Works

Whenever a visitor comes to FairPay, we can detect their country based on their IP address.

If Geo-Blocking has been enabled for this country, then we will redirect the visitor to our home page and let them know that this Store is momentarily unavailable.

When visiting our marketplace to discover new creators, visitors cannot see the stores for which they are geo-blocked.

If visitors use a Proxy or VPN, they can circumvent geo-blocking.

How to Enable Geo-Blocking

Geo-blocking happens at the Store level. If you operate multiple Stores, you need to activate Geo-blocking for each of them separately (and you may have different settings for each Store).

In FairPay, click 'Edit store page' and scroll down to the Geo-Blocking section. Add as many countries as you like and click 'Save'.

Please note that you can only block entire countries at the moment. We will add finer granularity in a future update.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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