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Referral Program: Earn money by promoting FairPay

If you have a seller account, you can promote FairPay to other sellers and earn money! 💰

We pay 1% of all sales from your referrals for 12 months.

How to promote FairPay

When you log into FairPay, there is a 'Referral Program' section in your menu.

This section displays your promoter URL (the link looks like this: - do not use this link!).

Simply share this link on your pages and to your friends. If they sign up after visiting it, you will earn 1% of their sales for 12 months.

How the tracking works

Whenever someone visits your link, we leave a 6-month cookie in their browser. If the person signs up in the next 6 months, you will count as the promoter and earn money on all his sales during 12 months.

If someone visits your link and does not sign up immediately but comes back later to sign up, then you will still be the promoter and earn money on his sales (unless this person comes back using another promoter's link).

If a person was referred to FairPay by multiple promoters, the latest link wins.

Please note that in some cases, someone might visit FairPay on their phone and then come back on their tablet, and we cannot track that it is indeed the same person. Unfortunately, when this happens, you will not appear as the promoter.

How the earnings are calculated

Whenever you refer a seller to FairPay, we pay 1% of their sales to you for a 12-month duration (they still earn the same).

The 1% is calculated on the price of the items the referred seller sold (our service fee is not part of it).

The 12-month duration starts at the sign-up date.

There is no cap on how much you can earn during this period.


For example, a seller you recently referred to FairPay sells a custom video for 100€.

Then you will earn 1€ on this sale. Your earnings will show directly in the Referral Program section.

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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