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Always share pages

Always share your pages to get the highest commission on your sales.

We always provide your URL when you click on a share or copy link button 👍

A customer who bought once on one of your pages is yours for life (you own him). He will always yield the highest commission per sale.

Traffic Source Fee is always 0 for customers you own (no matter where they buy from). vs. is the Direct Share version of FairPay. It is where you send your customers to get the highest commission on your sales and claim them as yours forever.

You own customers who have bought at least once on one of your pages. is the Marketplace of FairPay - where customers can discover FairPay sellers. When we advertise FairPay via marketing campaigns, this is the domain we promote.

If a customer you do not own purchases from you via, we will charge you a Traffic Source Fee.

When we bring you a new customer, make sure to convert him into one of yours for the next time! 😊

How can customers find my pages?

There are two ways customers can find your pages on :

You sent the link to one of your pages directly

You have listed your product as part of your Store Page

If you want to share an offer with select customers, create a product and don't list it on your Store Page.

Updated on: 27/09/2023

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