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Store Replicas

If you already have a clip store on another site, we can help you replicate it in FairPay for free and super fast!

How Store Replication Works

We understand that creating a new store can be daunting. When you have hundreds or even thousands of videos, going through the process of creating a new store can take days of hard work.

This is why we have automated this process for you! 🤖

How it works:

**Create a FairPay Seller account.** This is where we will create your store, and our license will apply & protect your content transfer.

Verify your identity. Before replicating a store, we must ensure you are its rightful owner. Verify your identity in FairPay directly (it takes less than 2 minutes).

Provide us with your content. A link to Google Drive, DropBox, or WeTransfer is often the most practical.

We make your store. This takes 1 - 3 days.

Review. You review your store, and we will fix any issues until you are perfectly happy! 😊

Want your store replicated? Just reach out to support, and let's get to it! 💪

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stores can you replicate?

We can replicate stores from Clips4Sale, ManyVids,

How long does it take?

Depending on the number of requests and the size of your store, we take 1 to 3 business days to deliver a store.

If many adjustments are needed after your review, it can take a few more days.

Does it cost anything?

The process is completely free. This is for us to have the privilege to work with you and make your life easier. ❤️

How can I transfer my content?

There are 3 main ways in which you can transfer your content to us:

1) Give us a Google Drive, DropBox, or WeTransfer link. This is the favoured way.

2) Upload your content to FairPay. If you don't have your content in the cloud already, you can upload it to FairPay directly.

3) Slow mail. This one sounds a little crazy, but if you have a huge quantity of content and it is not in the cloud, you can physically ship us a hard drive! It's a swift and cheap way to transfer lots of data (ironically!).

How can you match my content with my products?

We use a variety of strategies to match your files with your products: name match, size match, duration match, and human review, to name a few.

You do not need to ensure your file names match your product titles. Just transfer your files as they are, and we will take care of the rest 👍

Is there any requirements?

We have no requirements in terms of number of sales.

As long as you reside in a country supported by FairPay and the rightful owner (or license holder) of an existing store, we are happy to replicate it for you.

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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