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Tips for selling with FairPay

Most of your FairPay sales will come from your marketing efforts.

At FairPay, we are building the best solution for you to sell to your fans. Our cut is easily 2 to 3 times lower than other adult sites. Sometimes, even more!

We are also sending you some new customers. However, this is not our area of expertise. So most of your sales will come from your work.

Below are some tips to help you set up, start driving sales, and earn more with FairPay.

Setup your store

👉 Learn more on your store features

FairPay provides you with a simple, free, and neat store page. Take the time to set it up and ensure it accurately reflects all the content and services you sell: your store is often the best place to direct your customers.

Check out our demo store featuring Fuzzy Whiskerton, the Rock Star cat!

Add your FairPay links to your link aggregators

You probably use solutions like Linktree, AllMyLinks, and others to get all your links in one place. Make sure to add FairPay on your pages!

Because we earn you much more money per sale, we recommend putting your FairPay store at the top of the page as it gets more views and clicks.

Adding a couple of FairPay links directly to your main products is also a great idea (for example, live shows, customs, and donations).

💡 Adding multiple FairPay links to your pages can greatly increase visibility and sales.

Use your FairPay store as a link aggregator

💡 List all your links in your FairPay store!

We have no problem whatsoever with you linking to competing websites. We even encourage you to do so: your FairPay store is much better when your customers can find everything you do in one place!

Once you list all your links, you can share your store more easily and in more places.

You will ensure that your customers get your best link and all of your other links simultaneously 🙂

Let your customers know FairPay is better for you

💡 Your best customers ❤️ you. Let them know FairPay is better for you!

Your customers love you, and they want to support you.

They do not want their money to go to the middleman; they want it to go to you as much as possible.

That is why letting your best customers know that FairPay is better for you because it is 2 or 3 times cheaper can sway most of them.

Help your customers change their ways

💡 Let your customers know FairPay is better for them too!

Sometimes it is hard to change. Some customers may be entrenched in their ways and not see the point of using something new and different.

One thing that can really help sway your customers to switch to FairPay is to make it about them, to let them know why FairPay will be better for them.

FairPay should be either easier to use, faster, or cheaper (often all of those!).

Run special offers

💡 Launch your FairPay store with a special offer to sway your customers

Starting a new habit is often a question of doing it for the first time. Running a special offer can go a long way to convince customers to make their first purchase!

Here are some special offers ideas:

Create a daily donors leaderboard ranking your customers who donate daily via FairPay!
Offer a 10% discount on your live shows for a week (you will still earn more!)
Create a bundle of your best videos

Send a personalized message to your best customers

💡 You can share an offer only with select customers by creating a product and not list it in your store.

Sending a personalized message to your best customers is a great way to let them know about your new store, the special offer you are running, and why it is better for them and you.

It will also make them feel important and valued (even more so if this message contains an offer only they can access!), which will greatly increase the chances of them using FairPay 🙂

Share updates on social media

That one is a basic, and we know you are already a pro! 😉

Link from your website to your FairPay products

If you need a more complex store but still want to sell with FairPay, you should have your own website.

We recommend linking your website directly to your specific FairPay products. FairPay will then act as a 'pay page' for you and automate content delivery.

Do you have more great tips we should share? Hit the live chat bubble and let us know! ❤️ 💪

Updated on: 09/09/2023

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