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The goal of is to bring you new customers to help you grow your business 🚀

We promote

We do not promote your Direct Share links ( pages) is the marketplace of FairPay, where customers can discover all the FairPay sellers.

When we promote FairPay, the brand, or specific sellers, we always promote pages.

Which pages are on

Your Store Page can be found on

Customers can only find the products you've listed on your Store Page on

To share an offer with specific customers, create a product you do not list on your Store Page. It won't show on either. & Traffic Source Fee

If a customer you do not own purchases from you via, then we will charge you a Traffic Source Fee .

We want you to own the customers. You are welcome to (and should!) redirect them on your pages for future purchases 💪

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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