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Digital Downloads (sell Zip & other compressed files)

You can use FairPay to sell compressed files containing images, videos, PDFs, text files, templates, and any other file formats you choose.

Digital Downloads Features

Supported formats: We support ZIP, RAR, 7Z, GZIP file extensions.

Sell compressed files up to 200GB: You can upload compressed files up to 200 GB in size.

Sell bundles: The Digital Download product makes it super easy to sell bundles containing multiple file formats (for example, pictures and/or videos and/or audio files).

Sell educational content: The Digital Download product makes selling educational content such as courses (containing text files, PDFs, images, and videos) easy.

Sell website & profile templates: The Digital Download product makes it easy to sell templates (containing HMTL, CSS, and code files).

Archive password: You can protect your compressed file with a password; we will give it to your customers after purchase.

Instructions for customers: You can leave a message to your customers; they will see it after their purchase.

Claiming Your Earnings

When you sell compressed files, customer delivery is automated, and your earnings are claimed directly.

Read more on how to claim your earnings.

Content Storage Fee

Depending on the size of your files, uploading compressed files to FairPay may trigger a monthly content storage fee.

Read more on content storage fee.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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