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You can use FairPay to sell photosets

You can also use FairPay to sell custom photosets!

Photoset Product Features

Photoset catalog: Upload your sets of photos to your photoset catalog and easily sell them in as many products as you wish.

Sell bundles: Want to sell multiple photosets at once? No problem: select them all and effortlessly create a bundle for your customers.

Customer photoset library: Your customers can easily access all the photosets they bought from you at any point from their library.

Claiming Your Earnings

When you sell photosets, customer delivery is automated, and your earnings are claimed directly.

Read more on how to claim your earnings.

Content Storage Fee

Depending on the size of your files, uploading photosets to FairPay may trigger a monthly content storage fee.

Read more on content storage fee.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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